Ads: Centaur Cologne

"Are you ready for Centaur?

it's the Massage Cologne... half man, half beast, all male!

Out of the Wild and Violent days of ancient Greece comes the exciting concept of a Massage Cologne... it's name is CENTAUR.

Each morning... each evening massage CENTAUR into your torso.

Massage CENTAUR into your arms, legs, and loins.

CENTAUR has no alcohol to irritate, so it massages with comfort into sensitive areas.

CENTAUR adds a delightful new dimension to your body, a low level aroma that hovers close to the skin for hours, transmits its virile message only in moments of close and intimate contact.

CENTAUR makes no coy promises... finding HER is up to you... then CENTAUR gives her the message. She won't say, 'what are you wearing?' She will say, 'You smell good!'"