Books: Wonderfully Made, by Ruth Hummel

Wonderfully Made by Ruth Hummel was published by the Board of Parish Education of the Lutheran Church and intended for boys and girls in Grades 4-6. I love the art. The artist is listed as Concordia Films.

"Published right here in St. Louis MO in 1967 by Concordia House Ltd, Wonderfully Made was one of six books in a sex education series created for (ahem) pastors, teachers, youth workers,  and parish planners in an attempt to "help growing boys and girls better understand their roles and live their lives as Christians." Or something. Apparently some professionals were brought in for the scientific angles and facts, though in my opinion the real professional involved here seems to be the artist, simply credited as "Concordia Films." In fact, the art is so good, it doesn't even need any carefully worded text, because as you will see, when the pictures are put in order below they just as easily tell the tale of the birds and bees, and the ramifications, wonderfully."