News: Mick Jagger Arrested

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful busted for drug possession on February 12, 1967.

“Marianne had a hard day on acid. She had taken a bath upstairs, just finished, and I had this huge fur rug and she just wrapped herself in it, I think she had a towel around her too. She was lying back on the couch after a nice bath. How the Mars bar got into the story I don’t know. We did have a few candy bars on the table because when you do acid you get sugar lacks and you need to munch away. How the police and press managed to make a Mars bar on a table and Marianne wrapped in a fur rug into a myth is kind of classic. The evening paper headlines are “Naked Girl at Stones Party”  and included in the story – info directly from the police – is that the Mars bar was used as a dildo. That was a rather large leap and completely false.”-Keith Richards