Music: Frank Zappa

"I think the kids are in a very ambivalent situation right now. They actually control the country. From the economic point of view. But they are the ones who must be the target for the hatred of everybody else in the world towards this country because of the greed that's been exhibited by the people that've been taking care of things before. Their own mothers and fathers, man. And in a way, to get the whole revolutionary job done, they're going to have to disown their parents. They're gonna have to take an honest look at what mommy and daddy really are, which is gonna be rough for most of them. I mean it's one thing to say: "I hate my mother, I hate my father, he won't give me the keys to the car, the sonofabitch," but it's something else to look at him and see that he's a coward. And he's an alcoholic, and if he's not an alcoholic, he's taking pills of some sort, and he's a liar, and so's your mother, and they're all just ROTTEN, man, and they have bad taste... They select the ugliest drapes and furniture in the world. You know. They're shitty. Try and get a nation of teenagers to really see mommy and daddy that way. That's a little bit of a job, but it can be done. Now, the question is, once they perceive mommy and daddy in the proper perspective, what do they do about it? Let them replace it with the truth. You don't want to give them a mommy-daddy surrogate or any of that kind of bullshit. Let them replace it with self-confidence. Let them fill the gap themselves. They should all do a mass penance, man, for the sins of their parents. "BECAUSE MY FOLKS WERE SO ROTTEN, I'M REALLY GONNA BE PURE." They really ought to do that. They oughta really get out and be real people. What a fantasy that is."-Frank Zappa