Music: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

On March 1st, 1967, John Lennon begins work on a new song called  'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. The song was inspired by a drawing his 3 year-old son Julian,  The drawing was of a little girl ( Lucy O’Donnell) with lots of stars.

"Nobody believes me. This is the truth. My son came home and showed me this drawing of a strange looking woman flying around, and I said, 'What is it?' And he said it was Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I said, 'Oh, that's beautiful,' and I immediately wrote a song about it." —John Lennon, 1967

"I happened to be there the day Julian came home from school with a pastel drawing of his classmate Lucy's face against a backdrop of exploding, multi-coloured stars. Unusually impressed with his son's handiwork, John asked what the drawing was called. 'It's Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Daddy,' Julian replied. 'Fantastic,' John said, and promptly incorporated that memorable phrase into a new song."-Pete Shotton, 1967