Books: The Cat in the Hat Songbook

This classically wacky songbook contains 19 Seuss-songs for the beginning singer. There are lively songs like "Plinker Plunker" and "The No Laugh Race," bedtime songs like "Lullaby for Mr. Benjamin B. Bickelbaum," and just plain silly songs like "Cry a Pint." With a sturdy binding that opens flat for easy use, and simple piano and guitar arrangements, The Cat in the Hat Songbook is truly something to sing about!

Let us all sing!
It's good for almost anything.
It's good for dusty, musty throats to let out gusty lusty notes.
It's good for people, frogs and goats to open up and sing.
It's good for tongues and necks and knees of people, bees and chimpanzees.